October 22 is international caps lock day!!! Self proclaimed official home page of caps lock day celebrating 14 years of caps lock day days good night sweat prince happy 2004 we now have a twitter does something with a bird so this is a bird novembre 5 2021 write in chaz bonaroo for us president!!!!!!

News flash 2004 this is a picture of a potato this is a capslock: at the bottom, where it say casp lock every year we get together and make salmon for toast every year we get a crockety bloat every year we get drunk on the docks and every year we have sex with our caps locks!!!!!!

Black santa bitches countdown: days til caps lock day: too many if you would like to make a donation to the victims families please email capslockcapslockscapslock@hotmail.com. They will always be in our hearts!!!!

There are some people who don’t like the idea of celebrating our caps lockness and they are at this page and they suck.

This dumb ass thinks that it is a day in august that is caps lock day but he is mistaken.

Capslock activitees capslock lights capslock tree teach dogs how to murder pusha da capslock over and over and over and over!!!!!!!!!!!

Caps lock day is a celebration of life and forever screaming text for all eternity and love when you want to chunk, chunk into this: chunkhost (actually this is virtual server hosting that is pretty wizard)